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Australia Links 
Worldbook Student Online  username: kite237 password: dekalb
Latin America Links:
 ABC Slideshow Links
A few common issues & their solutions
-French Guyana = French Guiana
-A few topics do not have their own article in Encyclopedia Britannica, when you search for the topic it will show you a link for another topic, but there is still information on that topic.  Example: Xunantunich.
-Some of the current leaders need you to add their middle name in order to find them on Wikipedia.  Go back to the sheet in the packet which lists of which country that person is the leader.  Example: Who is the president of Panama?  Google answer: Juan Carlos Varela.  Now go back to Wikipedia and search Juan Carlos Varela. 
-World Book Student Online (Independence Leaders & Revolutionaries, Explorers & Conquerors, Pre-Columbian Empires, Countries, Cities)
-Encyclopedia Brittanica (Land Features, Water Features, Famous Tourist Sites, Languages)
-Wikipedia (Current Leaders ONLY)
Links for Economics of Cuba, Brazil, & Mexico HW: 
Final Exam Study Materials:
 code: 82H8U5CBenchmark 
Canada Links:
Parliamentary Election
Presidential Election 
Europe Links: 
Classwork 9/21
Use the slideshow to complete the graphic organizer.  You should view the videos linked in the slideshow as well.  Put the graphic organizer in your accordion folder, we will put it in your INB on Monday. 
 Russian Revolution Assignment
1. View the Brainpop video on Communism.  Write a definition of communism in your own words on your answer sheet. You can log on to Brainpop through Clever.  Or username: Seqh570 password: dekalb
2. Use the Ducksters article on the Russian Revolution to answer the rest of the questions.
3. Read over the important dates related to the Russian Revolution, and complete the activity.
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