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For second semester, tutorials will occur on Wednesdays. Students will be invited to tutorial when the teacher needs to work with students to strengthen and reinforce skills. Parents will be notified if a student needs to attend a tutorial on a Wednesday. Parents may also email the teacher if they are seeing a skill that the child needs additional support with.

4th Grade

5th Grade

6th Grade

Fine Arts & PE

9am Math

8am Math

8am Math

8am Band

9:30am Science

8:30am Science

9am SS

8am Chorus

10am ELA

10am ELA

9:30am Science

7am, 2pm Orch.*

10:30am SS

10:30am SS

12:30pm ELA

8am PE/Health

12:30pm Enrichment

12:30pm German

1pm German

2:30pm Art**

*Orchestra tutorials & small groups are scheduled daily by Ms. Thompson
**Art is for anyone interested and is referred to as “After-school Art”

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