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Elections were held the week of September 25, 2018. Michael Richerson and Vidya Chandrasekhar were the parents newly elected. Laura Axelson and Lisa Kuebler will continue to serve. Dawn Piercy and Tara Goverdhan were our staff members elected.

If you would like to more information or have questions about school council, please contact Laura Axelson, School Council Chair, dlaxelson@gmail.com

School Council ByLaws
KMS School Improvment Plan

In accordance with House Bill 1187 – The A+ Reform Act of 2000, all public schools must have a Local School Council (LSC). They are meant to bring communities and schools closer together in a spirit of cooperation to solve educational challenges, improve academic achievement, provide support for teachers and administrators and bring parents into the school-based decision making process.

The School Council at Kittredge consists of the principal, 4 parents, and 2 teachers. The Council meets 5 times each academic year and is concerned with matters of student achievement and school improvement.

The members of the School Council are accountable to the constituents they serve and shall:

  • Maintain a school-wide perspective on issues
  • Regularly participate in school council meetings
  • Participate in information and training programs
  • Act as a link between the school council and the community
  • Encourage the participation of parents and others within the school community
  • Work to improve student attendance, achievement, and performance
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