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Kittredge Magnet School

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

About Us

The mission of Kittredge Magnet School for High Achievers is to nurture and empower our diverse population of students to become independent thinkers by fostering student growth through an innovative and rigorous instructional approach.

The passionate educators of Kittredge Magnet School for High Achievers set the standard for educational excellence through collaboration, communication and student engagement. 
Our Program
Kittredge Magnet School for High Achievers is an elementary school within the DeKalb County School District in DeKalb County, GA, offering students in grades four through six an accelerated and enriched academic experience.

The educational program for high achieving students is designed to enable students to be creative life-long learners who excel to their individual potential. The school provides challenging experiences in a dynamic, safe, nurturing environment in which students are taught to take responsibility for learning. The Kittredge program is enhanced by its diversity and is supported by the collaborative efforts of school, parents and community.

In addition to the core academic subjects of English/ Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies, students receive instruction in German, Instrumental or Choral Music, Art, P.E., and Technology. Gifted instruction is given daily in the regular classroom where  opportunities for differentiated instruction, problem solving, compacting, student directed projects, and cooperative learning are the norm.

Selection Process
Students are selected to attend Kittredge through an application and lottery system conducted by the DeKalb County Magnet Office. See the DeKalb School Choice information page for more information about the DeKalb County Magnet School Program. 

Dress Code
  1. Wear tennis shoes daily... students go to PE every day.
  2. Dress to feel comfortable in school. We move around a lot in class. Some students like to sit on the rug and on bean bag chairs.
  3. Any printed logos on shirts, pants or dresses should be appropriate for school.
  4. All clothes should cover undergarments. We don't want to see anyone's undergarments.