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One of the biggest success factors in math is knowing the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. This proves to be one of the biggest challenges as we progress through multi-digit multiplication and long division. Having the basic facts memorized is necessary for students to be successful with these and other more advanced processes. Not knowing the basic facts makes learning these concepts very difficult. Our fourth grade math curriculum is very challenging and requires us to move quickly to learn everything our students are expected to learn. We will not have the time to relearn the basics.Summer Math Homework for Rising Fourth Grades

Over the summer your child is encouraged to practice the facts for at least 10 minutes each day to build fluency and speed in recalling the facts.

  • Addition (1+1 through 12+12)
  • Subtraction (2-1 through 24-12)
  • Multiplication (2x2 through 12x12)
  • Division (2÷1 through 144÷12)

Additional practice can be done by using flashcards or exploring the many websites and apps designed to encourage fluency. You can also play games with the facts. Try to find ways to make practice fun, including silly rhymes, songs, or memory tricks. Card games, such as multiplication war, are also effective. Time that is usually spent in the car, waiting in line, or shopping can be used to help drill facts. It is important to identify the most challenging facts for your child, and spend the most time on those.

Children learn a lot from experiencing math in real life situations. Please involve your children as much as possible when you are using math to cook, build, shop, plan, tell time, etc. These experiences help students to develop a real understanding of math beyond numbers and computation.

Below are some example of websites that can be used for math facts practice.




Printable worksheets - https://www.mathfactcafe.com/

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