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Visual Arts @ Kittredge Magnet School with Mr. Faraj
Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!
Please check the "Calendar with Art Days" tab to know when you will have art. You can also click on your grade level tab to see upcoming art days, what we will be doing in that class, and what homework is due/ assigned. Homework information can also be found on your grade-level Homework Calendar page.
Students will each have their own sketchbook for art class. This should be brought to each class along with a pencil and black pen if needed.
After School Art

Look below for After School Art dates for this month

 After School Art gives students an opportunity for additional studio time. Students may work on in-class lessons, work on a self directed piece with materials supplied, or we may create work for school events/ functions. There is no fee, and this is not a set "club." Students may attend as they need to or like. Please bring a signed permission slip to attend. A separate permission slip is needed for each session. Except for the special August sessions (see below). A handwritten note will suffice as well. Students turn in their permisson slip when they come to the after school art session. Students in the ASEDP (after care) program must have a permission slip to attend. Emails, phone calls, and faxes are not acceptable forms of permission. Thank you for your adherance to this.
After School Art Dates for August:
The After School Art Sessions for August are specifically for new 5th and 6th graders, or 6th graders who were new as 5th gradrs, and are designed to catch students up on the basic drawing skills we learned 1st Semester in 4th grade. ***5th and 6th graders who would like a hands-on review of these skills may also attend.

These sessions will take place:

=      Thursday, Aug. 15: 2:30-4:00 pm

=      Thursday, Aug. 22: 2:30-4:00 pm

=      Thursday, Aug. 29: 2:30-4:00 pm

This is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. You can attend all or some of the sessions- all are recommended J Bring a snack if you wish. Hope to see you, Mr. Faraj.

------------------------------------------------------------------------detach permission slip---------

Please bring this signed permission slip to attend:

My child _____________________________ has my permission to attend After School Art. My child will attend (please mark dates your child will attend)  

______ Aug. 15  ______ Aug. 22  ______  Aug. 29. I agree to pick up my child by 4:00pm.

Parent signature:________________________________

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