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Calendar with Art Days
Each day states the grade level having art that day, along with the teacher(s) bringing students to art. For example, if the day says "4th from Steele", then 4th graders who have Ms. Steele for science will have art that day instead of science.  Each grade level tab also lists the upcoming art dates for that particular grade level, along with Homework assigned, and due dates.
    1 2 3 4 5 
6 74th grade from Sims84th grade from Reck95th grade from Ross105th grade from Dillard116th grade from Doss12 
13 146th grade from Linsley155th grade from Science165th grade from Science174th grade from Nguyen184th grade from Collins19 
20 21 226th grade from Lange236th grade from Geitgey245th grade from Math255th grade from Math26 
 4th grade from Piercy4th grade from Cooper6th grade from Hughes6th grade from Floyd  
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