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4th Grade Art and Homework

4th Grade Art at KMS!

  Look here for any information you may need, in addition to the MPArts Homework Calendar.
 Please be sure to bring your sketchbook and a pencil to class each time. Bring your black pen as well in case you need it.
Students keep a log of homework assigned in the back of their sketchbook. 
Use the "Calendar with Art Days" tab to see a calendar of upcoming art days.  The teacher's name indicates who will bring you to art. Instead of that class, you will have art class. If you see a teacher's name that teaches you, then you have art on that day. 
Upcoming Art Days:
 page 2
 page 3
  page 1
 page 4
page 6
page 5 
Dec. 5: 
Dec. 6: 
Homework Due: Entire Values packet
Nov. 15: Collins
Nov. 16: Floyd
Homework Due: Pages 2 and 3 of the Values packet. See images above to help you place values in the correct places.
Homework Assigned: The rest of the packet 
Nov. 7: Reck
Nov. 8: T. Davis
No Homework due
Homework Assigned: Pages 2 and 3 of the Values packet. 
Previous Art Days:  
Oct. 26: Dr. Brochstein
Oct. 31: C. Steele
No Homework due  
Oct. 18: Cooper
Oct. 19: Dillard
 No Homework assigned or due
Oct. 10: Floyd
Oct. 11: Collins
No Homework assigned or due 
Sept. 26: Reck
Sept. 27: T. Davis
No homework due
Sept. 8: Dillard
Sept. 11: Cooper *** Latitudes: Your practice letters will be due along with your Name Design piece on Sept. 19th
Homework due: upper and lowercase letters of alphabet written/ drawn as 2-d letters (letters with space within)
Sept. 18: C. Steele
Sept. 19: Dr. Brochstein
Homework due: Name Design piece with completed Rubric. Latitudes: you also have to turn in your practice upper and lowercase letters of alphabet written/ drawn as 2-d letters (letters with space within) 
August 30: Collins
August 31: Floyd
Homework due: ROAR piece finished. Check finished piece against the rubric above to make sure everything is there that should be!
Homework assigned: On the paper given to you in class, practice writing the alphabet in shape (2-d) letters: Upper and lower case. Use the guidelines on the paper for the tops and bottoms of the letters so everything is as neat as possible. Due Sept. 8 or 11.
Students may choose to begin their Name Design piece. Below is the rubric of what must be a part of that work. 

Name Design 2017 project rubric.

1) Piece contains your name, in some way. Yes/No _/1

2) Your name is drawn as block, or shape letters, with evidence of guidelines used (can be 3-d too). Yes/No _/6

3) There is color fading, shifting, or blending somewhere in your piece. Yes/No _/4

4) There is a border of some sort near the outside edges of the paper. Yes/No _/2

5) Piece is colored/inked in with minimal white space. Background cannot be left white. Yes/No _/4

6) There is an illustration that somehow relates to you. Yes/No _/2

7) Class work time was used well. Student on task, using materials properly. Yes/No _/4

8) Overall work exhibits Kittredge Quality: Mistakes able to be erased, ruler used for straight lines, color neatly and out to edges. Yes/No _/5

9) Artist’s signature and Date (when finished with piece) in lower right or left hand corner of piece (small). Yes/No _/2

Total Points __/30

August 22: T. Davis
August 23: Reck
Homework due: None. We will work on the ROAR piece in this class session.
Homework assigned: Finish the ROAR piece begun in this class session.
R.O.+A.R. is an acronym which stands for the words Respect, Order, +Attitude, and Responsibility: Important words for any situation in life..... Here is the rubric for what is expected to be a part of this piece of art.... Check over it before calling your work "Finished". We will go over this very well before you actually start working on it in class.....

R.O.+A.R. 2017 project rubric. Total of 30 Points Name: HR:

1) Piece contains the letters “R.O.+A.R.” plus accompanying words. Yes/No _/1

2) “R.O.+A.R.” are block, or shape letters, with an outline that is somehow different than what is added within the block letters. Yes/No _/4

3) The letters spelling the rest of the words are spelled correctly and not left in pencil. Yes/No _/4

4) There is a border of some sort near the outside edges of the paper. Yes/No _/2

5) There is an illustration relating to your new school in the piece. Yes/No _/5

6) Piece is colored/inked in. Your background cannot be white. Yes/No _/4

7) Name and date (month/day/year) is signed in the lower right corner. Yes/No _/2

8) Class work time was used well. Student on task, using materials properly. Yes/No _/4

9) Overall work exhibits Kittredge Quality. Yes/No _/4

Total Points __/30

August 14: Dr. B
August 15: C. Steele
Today is our first art class, and will be an introduction to art here at KMS. We will talk about class expectations, label our sketchbooks, create our Homework Log in the back of the sketchbook, and make sure you are all comfortable finding the MPArts, or Electives, Homework calendar (found on the KMS4th webpage), and make our way to Mr. Faraj's webpage, where more detailed information can be found.
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