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German in 6th Grade
German at Kittredge uses a spiraled curriculum; sixth Grade German is a continuation of the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills learned in fifth grade. We will work on mastery of these skills, expand them, and add new content!
Students are expected to do all homework assignments, study for assessments, pay attention in class, and be an active participant in classroom activities.  
 Rising 6th Graders!
Excellent Review Sites for German! 
Practice your German! Use the links below to watch videos, play games, do activities, and be prepared to start the school year with all instruction in German! 
 (includes games and activites for learning Greetings and Farewells, Numbers, Letters/ Spelling, etc...)
 ALL Rising 6th Graders!
4.  Helpful Study Materials
Quizlet for Vocabulary for instruction and students in the classroom
Quizlet for School Supplies 
Quizlet for In the Classroom
Excellent online activities for vocabulary covered in the beginning parts of German class!! (Do all activities in
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