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Information for New KMS Students

Accepted in the lottery? Let us know you've been admitted by filling out the Kittredge Pre-Registration form! Competing this step will help us start communicating with you about our spring open house, school supply lists, transportation and more! 
NOTE: Here's what you should do now:
1) Accept or decline your seat in the School Choice Application portal
2) If you accept, complete the KMS enrollment form linked above
3) Save the date: New Student Sneak Peek: May 1st, 8am (bring your #KMSkid)
4) Look for a Remind text invitation within a week of completing the enrollment form above. This is how we will communicate with you this spring and summer.
5) Read the info below. Really, sit down and read it :)


Greetings and Congratulations! 

We know you must be excited about attending KMS next year. We also know you have a million questions, want to meet the teachers and tour the school. 


2 important steps!

(1) Accept your seat in the school choice application portal.

(2) Fill out the KMS Pre-registration form

As soon as you complete these steps, we can start building our new student email list. We will communicate frequently with you this spring and summer. You can count on KMS to keep you informed and answer all of your questions about your child starting in a new school.  


You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

We have important informational links posted below that will help you get all your questions answered. Please review these pages before calling and emailing the school. If you still have questions, please use the linked question submission form. We are trying to provide the most timely customer service to approximately 200 new families and hope that this form will provide a streamlined manner of doing so. 

FAQs page updated weekly 

Open enrollment information page (video, powerpoint, etc)

Question submission form


Save the date!

Our New Student Sneak Peek will be held on May 1, 8:00am - 9:00am. Your student is invited to attend with a parent. More details will be sent to you via email. This is your only opportunity to visit KMS before August.


General Information

Dress Code:

1.   Wear tennis shoes daily... students go to PE and recess every day

2.   Dress to feel comfortable in school. We move around a lot in class. Some students like to sit on the rug and on bean bag chairs.

3.   Any printed logos on shirts, pants or dresses should be appropriate for school.

4.   All clothes should cover undergarments. We don't want to see anyone's undergarments.

How do I know if KMS is a “good-fit” for my child?
Here are some attributes of KMS that are important for you to know:

> We move quickly. We progress through grade level material at a faster pace than most schools. We supplement the district and state standards with enriched and accelerated material that they are expected to master for a grade. Enriched and accelerated content is not “extra credit.” Performing above grade level is expected.

> Students will read and write in every class, not just Language Arts. Correct spelling, grammar and complete sentences are expected on all assignments. 

> We expect that fourth graders come to us knowing their math facts, all four operations, 0 to 12.

> We expect students to behave, stay on task and demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and their surroundings.

> We expect students to complete all of their homework nightly. Students can have up to 90 minutes per night including weekends.

> We expect students to attend school and be on time. Missing any amount of instruction for unexcused reasons makes it difficult to keep up.

> We expect students to be open to making new friends. We will provide ample and frequent opportunities for friendship development.

> We expect students to be open to constructive feedback. Our teachers will push them to excel.

> We expect our students and parents to learn how to respond to and recover from a bad grade. “Sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn.” We will ask students to reflect on the reasons for a low score and provide opportunities for them to demonstrate success on future assignments and activities. 

> We expect our students and parents to embrace our motto, “You can do hard things.” Nothing at KMS is too hard for any student if they maintain the right mindset and strive to persevere.

> We suggest that you do not allow your child to believe that KMS is a short-term experiment. Telling your child that he/she is only going to “try it” always results in the child eventually telling you “I can’t.”