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KMS COVID Exposure or Positive Case Report Form

Starting January 11th, we are asking parents to follow a new process for reporting when your child has a known exposure to someone with COVID or has tested positive for COVID. Please use this form to make the school aware of these issues.

KMS COVID Exposure or Positive Case Report Form*
*if you already alerted the school of a positive case on January 10th or prior, you do not need to use this form

The information you enter in this form is shared only with the Kittredge principal, the school nurse, the registrar (for attendance purposes) and your child's teachers. A copy of your responses will be sent to the email you enter in the form. Your response receipt serves as your confirmation that the school has also received your form. Once we have your form, we will reach out with any questions, required quarantine and/or isolation guidance and a make-up work plan from your child's teachers.