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Club Day Supplies List

If you have these clubs, it would be helpful if you bring supplies to class on Wednesday!

Thanks! Have fun on your first CLUB DAY!

Club Day Committee

A-Craft-A-Club – (Thompson) (Two or Three Liter Soda Bottle (EMPTY!) 
Plant seeds (1 Pkg)
1 Bag of Decorative Rock (Dollar Tree)

Badminton Club – (Nguyen and Collins) Bring a badminton racket if you have one

Crochet Club - (Thompson) Crochet Hook (standard size) Sku of Yarn (Favorite Color)

Duct Tape Clubs - (Davis and Ross both have these clubs) Please bring duct tape and scissors! Davis and Ross have a limited supply.

Garage Band Club – (Foley) students need to bring headphones

Jazz Band Club - (Mr. A.T.) these students need to bring their instruments.

Knitting Club – (Thompson) Needles (size 14 ) Sku of Yarn (Favorite Color)

Movie Clubs (Davis) - any school appropriate movie, popcorn (pre-popped) or any semi-healthy snack. Also, a yoga mat or something comfortable/reasonable to sit on.

Origami – (Kennedy) students should bring their own paper. Recycled paper will be provided.

Outdoor Adventure Club #2 (Anchors/C. Davis) proper shoes for walking outdoors.

Running Club – (Geitgey) - Wear sneakers/Wear clothes comfortable for running and sweating/Bring water for after run

Scrapbook Club – (Frau G.) students must bring their own **pictures** and may also bring any other scrap booking materials. Some materials will be provided for them.

Soccer Club – (Dillard/Ross) The soccer club may bring a soccer ball, cleats, shin guards, and other equipment if they would like.

Softball – (Cooper/Dillard) Each person should try to bring their own glove. PLEASE DO NOT BRING A BAT!!!!

Yoga – (Reck) students need a mat or towel.