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Applying to Private School?
Each winter, we have several families apply to area private schools. Please abide by the following guidelines for transcript and recommendation requests:
  1. Requests should be made at least 10 business days in advance of the due date. We cannot guarantee on-time arrival of documents unless this amount of time is given.
  2. Please provide documents pre-filled with student/parent information and signatures according to application directions. We cannot complete documentation unless all required information by the applicant is filled out.
  3. Please provide the appropriate number of addressed and stamped envelopes. Transcripts require a 9 x 12 envelope with approximately $2.00 in postage.
  4. All recommendations by school staff are confidential. We will not return copies of these documents to the student or parent. All confidential documentation will be sent to the school according to application directions. If the school requires an online application, KMS has no way of monitoring the completion or timely arrival of the application. 
  5. If the recommendation asks for information about extra-curriculars, please provide a list of those with the document request.  
We appreciate your understanding of the above guidelines. We process several applications each winter which requires that we have a process in place to honor requests in a timely manner.

If you have questions about student records, please contact our Registrar, Judi Carlson at 678-874-6602.