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Practice Links, Games, Activities, Videos
Visit the following websites often. These are review activities. You should KNOW these things!
German Alphabet/ Pronunciation: Learn the names of the letters! Learn the sounds! KNOW them! Recognize them. Click on the links on this page to practice the Alphabet, the letters, the diphthongs, etc....
Greetings and Phrases: Review and learn these basic phrases! Know them! We will use them!  
Numbers (Video activity with .pdf)
School Supplies: Links to a Quizlet page 
Fun Stuff/ Resources:
Assorted activities: Play around! 
Videos for Beginners and for Review:  (from the BBC. Designed for students. From the 90s, so the music, clothing and computer graphics are a bit old, but the content is excellent! Watch and re-watch often!!)
2. Family - Familie
3. At home - zu Hause 
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