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5th Grade Art and Homework
 5th Grade Art @ KMS!
Welcome to our new 5th graders, and welcome back to all of our returning KMS students. I look forward to a great year with you!
Look here for any information you may need, in addition to the MPArts Homework Calendar.
Please be sure to bring your portfolio and a pencil to class each time. Bring your black pen as well with your belongings in case you need it.
Students keep a log of homework assigned in their portfolio.
Use the "Calendar with Art Days" tab to see a calendar of upcoming art days. The teacher's name indicates who will bring you to art. Instead of that class, you will have art class. If you see a teacher's name that teaches you, then you have art on that day.
Upcoming Art Days:

Color & Color Schemes


=        The Color Wheel: a way to organize the color spectrum

=        Hue: a color (red is a hue)

=        Primary Colors: the “first” colors: yellow, red, blue


=        Secondary Colors: made by mixing two primary colors


=       Warm Colors: these colors appear to come forward. Usually energetic colors- communicates love, anger- other intense emotions.

=       Cool Colors: these colors appear to recede. Are relaxing- lower energy- may even communicate sadness.

=        Neutral Colors: brown: mix complements together. Also grey, white, black

Color Schemes:

=        Tint: Color + White

=       Shade: Color + Black

=        Complementary: Colors opposite on C.W. Most contrast when placed next to each other. Make colors dull by mixing together.



=        Monochromatic: Variety of one color


=       Analogous: Colors beside each other on the C.W.





Aug. 9: McKinney
Aug. 10: Nunn
Homework Assigned: Bring 7 sheets of notebook paper and 10 sheets of blank printer paper. Parent should email Mr. Faraj if unable to provide printer paper, and it will be provided, but only with parent email before the next class session. Due next class meeting.  
Aug. 17: Taylor/Dillard
Aug. 20: Ross
 Homework Due: Bring your art portfolio with the 7 sheets of notebook paper and 10 sheets of printer paper. Parent should email Mr. Faraj if unable to provide printer paper, and it will be provided, but only with parent email before this class session.
In today's class session you will begin a piece that answers the question: "What makes me a high achiever?" Your artwork will have two seperate statements, each stating an action that makes you a high achiever, each with an illustration of what was written. "I am very smart." or "I make straight A's" are not appropriate for the statements. What do you do that enables you to get straight A's? Think about it more that way. 
Below is the rubric you received in class. Be sure your artwork has all of the ingredients listed in the rubric, and pay special attention to KMS Quality!

Art intro 2018 project rubric. Total of 30 Points       

1) All words are spelled correctly  Yes/No   _/2

2)     There is a border of some sort near the outside edges of the paper.   Yes/No   _/2

3)    Piece contains at least two phrases and illustrations explaining and illustrating what makes you a high achiever    Yes/No    _/16 (4 pts for each phrase and illustration)

4)    Piece is colored/inked in.  Yes/No   _/5 (minimal white space- background cannot be white)

5)     Name and date (month/day/year) is signed in the lower right corner.   Yes/No   _/2

6) Overall work exhibits Kittredge Quality: 1. Ruler used for straight lines. 2. Mistakes/ stray marks are erased. 3. Coloring is within the lines and done in an even back and forth direction.   Yes/No   _/3

Total  Points __/30

Aug. 27: C. Davis
Aug. 28: Anchors
Homework Due: Your piece: "What Makes Me a High Achiever?" piece is due today. Be sure you have checked your piece against the rubric to be sure it has all needed criteria. 
                                                                                                     Total: ______/30 

In this class, you will choose an idea for your Lettering Design Piece. Below is a choice board available with different options to choose from! Each choice has a few criteria, and then there is a general rubric with items that everyone's piece would have to have.  The scoring rubric can be found just below the choice board. 

5th and 6th grade Letter Design Choice Board for 2018

Pick from the choices below. Use guidelines for your lettering

o        To be done on the 1st clean page in your sketchbook

o        Main Lettering must at least be 2-D, can be 3-D

o        Piece cannot be left in pencil

o        Must include color shifting, blending, or fading for a significant element of your piece.

o        Must be KMS Quality

o        Must include @ least 1 drawn image

o        Must have a border of some kind

o        May be done in any real language.

Name Design: Includes Name. Illustration must be related to you.

CD/ Record Cover: Includes performer(s) and album title

Movie Poster: Title, actors, rating, phrase

Campaign Poster: Name, position seeking, phrase

Circus Poster: Name, slogan, location, dates

Concert Poster: Performer(s), location, dates, times

Food: An advertisement for some type of food

Business Advertisement: Name, what service is provided,

Product Advertisement: Name of Product, name of company, where sold, price, uses, slogan

Cover of a Cereal Box: Name of cereal, company, amount in box, slogan

Vacation Postcard: Name of destination, slogan, attractions

Monogram Design: Your initials are designed in a very artistic way.

TV Show advertisement: Title, actors, network, times, phrase

Family Crest: Family name, images symbolic of roots, other important history

Clothing Brand: Logo, name of brand, example, phrase

Book Jacket: Title, author, phrase

Sports team: City, name of team, phrase

Website: Title, purpose, phrase, address

Greeting Card: Phrase

Your choice: You must run your idea by Mr. Faraj

1.     Words show evidence that guidelines/letter spacing techniques were used: Top and bottom of letters are even. Letters spaced evenly: _____ /5

2.     Main lettering of piece is 2-dimensional (can be 3-d): _______ /3

3.     Piece is colored/inked in- nothing left in regular pencil: Background cannot be white: _________ /3

4.     Piece includes color fading, shifting, or blending for a significant element of your piece: _______ 6

5.     Piece includes at least one drawn image: _______ 3

6.     Piece contains a border of some kind: _________ 1

7.     Piece exhibits KMS Quality overall: 1. Ruler used for straight lines. 2. Mistakes/ stray marks are erased. 3. Coloring is within the lines and done in an even back and forth direction. ________ /9                 

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